If you have missed OCCAM 2013, here is the chance to watch and listen to the videos taken from most of the talks.
We hope they will call your interest to OCCAM 2014 (7-9 May 2014) and are looking forward to welcoming you (again) in Osnabrück then.


Buffalo, Elizabeth A. Neural signals for memory and space in the primate medial temporal lobe
Cheng, Sen The neural mechanisms of episodic memory storage and consolidation
Curio, Gabriel Recording spikes ... noninvasively?
Curio, Gabriel „Brain-Computer interfaces“ - Medizinische Perspektiven und ethische Implikationen einer neuen Mensch-Maschine-Schnittstelle
de-Wit, Lee Reversal of part-whole Gestalts in patient with visual form agnosia
Diamond, Mathew E. Perception and working memory of noise-like whisker (and fingertip) vibrations
Diesmann, Markus Minimal cell-type specific model of the cortical microcircuit and critique
Duarte, Renato C. F. Syntax processing properties of generic cortical cirucuits
Durstewitz, Daniel Neuronal dynamics during working memory and decision making reconstructed from single-trial multiple-unit recordings
Ernst, Udo Dynamic mechanisms for information processing in the visual system
... from probabilistic inference to critical,self-organized dynamics
Fischer, Petra Study project „move – Mobile EEG in virtual environments“
Kayser, Christoph Intrinsic reference frames for neural information coding
Kerr, Jason Imaging neuronal and behavioral activity in the freely moving animal: What are they looking at?
König, Peter Guidance of eye movements
Nolte, Guido Causal estimates in the presence of mixed and colored noise
Pfeiffer, Robert Realtime quadcopter control with reservoir computing
Rollinger, Claus R.: Introduction speech „public talk“ on 30 May
Tchumatchenko, Tatjana Response dynamics in neuronal networks


For the complete video presentation (offering different download options), please have a look at Lernfunk.de (the media portal of the University of Onabrück).