Please find below the contributions to this year’s poster session.
We hope to call your interest to OCCAM 2014 (7-9 May 2014) and are looking forward to welcoming you (again) in Osnabrück then.


Azizi, AmirHossein: A computational model for preplay in the hippocampus
Buetepage, Judith: Head direction cells in the corticostriatal system of freely moving rats: Allocentric tuning with motion modulation
de-Wit, Lee: A reversal of part-whole Gestalts in a patient with visual form agnosia
Duarte, Renato C. F.: Syntax processing properties of generic cortical circuits
Eberhardt, Sven: Slow features encode high-level concepts on HMAX outputs
Echeveste, Rodrigo: Learning in neural models driven by objective functions
Ehinger, Benedikt: I like to move it (move it): EEG correlates of mobile spatial navigation
Farzami, Tara: Adaptive generalized linear models
Hartmann, Christoph: Clamping self-organizing networks to multielectrode recordings: Towards a mechanistic account of complex dynamics
Khalid, Shah: Are low-spatial frequencies sufficient for unaware (masked) priming of face-sex descrimination?
Kirst, Christoph: Information flow structuring via collective dynamics of neuronal networks
Kouw, Wouter: A new information theoretic measure for saliency prediction
Mangano, Renata: Paradoxically functional facilitation in visual search
Putzky, Patrick: A statistical framework for molecular psychophysics
Pyka, Martin: A model with synaptic delays and a high degree of connectivity between cortex and hippocampus can associate temporally separated patterns
Ramos Gameiro, Ricardo: Impact of emotions during free-viewing task on news webpages
Schwan, Constanze: Affordance-based bimanual lifting of 2D objects
Sharifian, Fariba: Bridging functional magnetic resonance imaging and neural responses with a recurrent network
Sima, Jan Frederik: A computational theory of visuo-spatial mental imagery
Teichmann, Michael: Modeling vision using homeostatic Hebbian plasticity in a rekurrent network
Toutounji, Hazem: A homeostatic reward-modulated spiking neuron for balancing exploration and exploitation
Trengove, Chris: Effective connectivity analysis and model reduction for a system of recurrently coupled synfire chains
Wahn, Basil: Attentional benefits in a visual joint search task through tactile and auditory transmission of 2D spatial information
Wilmer, Andreas: Functional synchrony model and its generalization to causal inference